Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Sinister DJ, Helplessness, and a Giant Hand

Note: All normal dreams.

Before I get started, I want to mention that I tried something new last night after having recent problems with dream recall. I ate a couple slices of american cheese before I hit the sack. I read on LD4all, that this could help. I've tried bananas and chocolate as well, but neither has worked to this extent (in fact, bananas seem to be counter-productive). I have also been taking a Ginkgo supplement twice a day for about three days now.

I think I missed a large part of my first dream due to something kind of comical. I wrote all about it in my dream journal. Lots of detail - the works!

Turns out; I had a dream about writing in my dream journal as well :D Needless to say, 90% of the first dream is lost to me now. Here is what I remember (only a fragment):

There is a Rocky Horror Picture Show type guy standing on a first floor balcony on the corner of a narrow European small town street. The balcony is large, and has no railing. He is making a crazy face, and begins to put on a blonde, long haired wig (it was 80s hair band style). Once he gets the wig on it morphs into an Egyptian style head dress. The type you see on King Tut, etc.


As for the dream journal, it is apparently my online blog, but it isn't formatted like this. It looks more like the admin page where you can edit posts and whatnot. The posts all have arrow heads next to them that you can click on to rearrange the order. I am having a hard time deciding what order to place tonights dreams into.


I think that I am a female. I am being held hostage in a basement by a woman in a red dress. Eventually, she has to make her way upstairs for something, and commands me to follow her. She tells me that if I say anything to anyone, I will pay dearly.

On the ground level there is a big square counter in the middle of the room, and many people standing around it. I recognize these people as law enforcement officers and detectives. Knowing this, I begin to say something, but one glance from the woman shuts me up. Once she has done what she needs to do we make our way back through the crowd towards the stairs. I know it's now or never, so I work up the courage to speak to the first person I see. It is a detective wearing a black sports coat. I spill the beans, but he just stares at me blankly. Oh no! This can't be happening! I try another and another, but I get the same response.

Finally I talk to a security guard (mall security or something), who hears what I am saying, and we dash off towards the stairs down. Apparently the woman has run down the stairs again.

We reach the stairs and the lights are not on. I ask the guard if he has a flashlight, and he says that he does. Luckily, I have one too (go figure), and I take it out and switch it on.

By now, the guard has moved out of my range of sight, so I hurry down the dark stairs.


I find myself in a dark sewer tunnel, reminiscent of the Imperial City sewers of Oblivion. I am no longer a woman, it seems. The walls are yellow/brown sandstone blocks, and there is rubble strewn about. It doesn't strike me as odd that the stairs leading to the room I was held captive in, now lead to an ancient sewer tunnel...

I look around for the security guard; swinging the thin beam of my flashlight back and forth, into the oppressive darkness further down the tunnel. I see blood splatters on the floor, and notice a pair of black boots being drug behind a crumbling pillar.

Oh no! I have a very bad feeling of impending doom. I have to get out! I swing the flashlight around, looking for the exit, and briefly worry about it drawing attention to myself. I see a stone staircase leading up, against the wall to my left. I run for it.


The staircase winds up, and up. I remember having come this way many times before, but it all seemed very safe then. I am still being chased by something or someone. The horrible monster that I could have envisioned before, seems to have been replaced by a man (a man wearing red and black for some reason). The chase seems to be more of a high stakes competition to reach the top now, than a run for my life. I am in the lead, but I feel him closing in. Strangely, I fear him closing in. Not like I am scared to lose the competition, but some sort of fear of harm.

As I run, I begin to notice tiny chunks of glass (the way safety glass looks when you shatter it) littering the floor. I stop for a second to look around, and see that the walls and most of the architecture has changed to an iron and glass mixture. There are bridges spanning the room from side to side that seem to be made from thin, intricately woven bands of iron or lead, and all the gaps are filled with clear glass. Much like a stained glass window, if you were to use clear glass instead. There is a bit of light filtering down from tall windows far above.

As I look around, a humongous hand hurdles towards me from above and tries to snatch me up. The hand is attached to a long scaly arm, fading away into the darkness above. I dodge, and take cover under an iron and glass bridge. The hand begins to slam the top of the bridge, and the whole thing start to collapse. I quickly search for another overhang of some sort to take refuge under. This goes on for long minutes, as the entire room is made of crumbling glass structures that are broken by the hand as fast as i can dive under them. I am terribly frightened, and cry out "Why?, I have come this way before!" a deep voice calls back "You are brown. It is Tuesday." This is confusing, and I wonder if it is referring to the color of my skin, or something else all together (I am Caucasian, so this furthers my confusion). I ask what it means. The voice tells me that it is referring to the brown squadron. On Tuesdays the brown squadron is forbidden, and will be eaten. Apparently I am a member of the brown squadron.

I run towards a stairwell that leads up. The creature is frantically smashing iron and glass to reach me, but I manage to narrowly avoid it's grasp. My opponent has caught up to me now as well, and as a last resort, we hurdle through a broken window in the side of the stairwell and out of the building.

We are many stories up, and begin to plummet to the earth below. The two of us grab for what look like black rubber chords strapped all up and down the building, apparently holding it together. We get our grip, and begin rappelling down.

The walls of the building seem to be made from large red vinyl balloons. The type that firemen use in rescues, when someone has to jump from a great height. The balloons are held in place by the black chords.

We slide effortlessly down, and at some point I begin to slide between the bands and the vinyl like a snake. This is odd, but a very smooth feeling. It is hard to explain. It is a bit like flying, because gravity has no effect and I am able to just slide along the curves of the balloons.


We reach the ground, and suddenly we are both rather chummy. I guess the situation has forced us to cooperate and forget about the competition. For a moment, the man felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he did not look the same. I think I was just supposed to get the action hero vibe from him.

I look around and it appears that we are on the shore of a small river in the Amazon rain forest. There is smooth sand under our feet, like a beach. I have no shoes on, and it feels great. I am very relaxed, and look around in comfort, enjoying the scenery.

There were two women with us now as well. One is Latino, and I recognize her from the show Lost, when she smiles at me (although she didn't look like any of the characters from Lost). I turn to the man and say something about how nice it is to be the best two male actors on Lost. He laughs and agrees with me. I say "Well Ok, so I'm not on the show, but..." My brain begins to churn through that statement, and logical thinking floods in.


I drift back to sleep after using the bathroom. This dream is very short, due to the fact that I am in that hazy half-sleep just before morning.

I am apparently the Master of Half-empty and Half-full. I have an innate ability to distinguish between a half empty glass of water and a half full glass of water. Apparently, I can also tell you how many dice are in a row (don't ask me).

Near the end of the dream I have a sheet of black and white stickers with half-empty and half-full glasses of water and columns of four dice on them. I am peeling the stickers off and arranging them in a row around my wife's midriff.



So, I have concluded, that I will eat cheese again tonight :)

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