Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's Happening?

Holy crap!

No dream recall and LD4all is down! What is a dreamer to do?!

I've made an observation recently. Apparently, even though the only way that I can fall asleep quickly is by wearing earplugs, they also seem to have a negative effect on my dream recall. I just wish I wasn't so distracted by noises... I can barely fall asleep if trying to listen to induction MP3s too.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Birds, Short Shorts, Castles & Junk

Note: All normal dreams.

Fragment: Looking at an annual credit report in the mail and being distraught that our rating is a 30. I look again later and it says 50. HELLO!!! DREAM SIGN!!!! No such luck; instead I am happy that it is at least up to a 50 now...


I am with a couple other people who I know are friends of mine. There is a large egg on the floor, and we are lamenting the fact that it didn't make it. Apparently it is never going to hatch.

One of the people with me begins to handle the egg, to our objections. The shell begins to crumble away, revealing a creamy red membrane beneath. For a second I am a little revolted, and angry at my friend for disturbing the egg.

Suddenly I notice movement beneath the membrane, and I draw the others attention to it. A beak tears through; followed by a feathered head. Soon the entire creature has emerged from the shell. The critter is a bird of sorts with a huge smiling beak that dwarfs the rest of its body. "It must be a Dodo!" I exclaim.

My mind flips on, and I begin to process that statement. Once again, logical thinking floods in, as I realize Dodo birds are extinct.


I am standing just inside the huge wooden gates of a castle. I know that the castle is under siege, and I am inspecting the gates because soon they will be subjected to the battering ram. I look at the huge timber that should hold the doors closed, and assume that it will do the trick.

The pounding of the ram begins, and the stone around the gate starts to shake. Dust and gravel showers from the ceiling with the impacts. The doors creak, but seem to be holding. The position of the battering ram seems to change, and it now begins ramming the top of the doors as opposed to the center. I know that the gates can't hold like this because the timber is only stretched across the middle. The wood begins to weaken.

I panic, and wonder why there are not archers firing on the ram from the parapets. I run in that direction, but have a hard time finding the stairs up. When I finally find the way, I see that no one is there at all, in fact there is no defense whatsoever.

Just as I ponder the lack of defenses I hear the gates splinter (actually, I see the gates splinter in a sort of cut-scene format, which should have lead to a reality check but didn't), and see the enemy reach through the hole and release the timber.

I run into the center of the castle, and search for a place to hide. I run through a maze of corridors and end up at a dead end in a bedroom on the third floor. I know the enemy is hot on my tail, and look for some place out of sight. The wall is all windows from top to bottom, and I climb through one, intending to hang from the ledge where I would not be seen.

A man enters the room, and spots me right away as apparently I didn't take into account the fact that the whole wall is windows, so hiding outside of them was really pretty foolish.


I am in the center of the castle again. I am with a woman who I know as the princess, and we are both held captive.

We are to be transported somewhere, and will be accompanied by a pudgy blonde young man.

We make our way through a system of underground tunnels, filled with ancient stone architecture. It is very dark, as we come up a staircase into a mansion. The rooms are only illuminated by moonlight pouring through the windows. I can make out the shapes of antique furniture (ok given the time period the furniture is probably not antiqued yet), with elaborate designs.

We walk up to the second floor and into a dining room lit by candle light. I catch sight of an object on the table, and quickly pull it from it's holder. It turns out to be a pitchfork shaped cooking utensil, but the ends are sufficiently pointed to act as a weapon.

Before our capture can react, I am behind him, holding the utensil to his neck. The princess is shocked, and asks me not to hurt him.


We are still in the dining room, and have devised a plan to escape from the captures for good. The plan involves taking the young man to the airport and putting him on a flight to another country. Ok, this in itself should have been a huge dream sign, since the time period was not correct for airplanes, let alone the fact that the plan doesn't make any sense. Maybe it triggered something after all, since I don't remember any more of the dream.


I am at a party of sorts, and anticipate the fast approaching event that we will be playing as a band at. I think it is some sort of festival or parade.

I am running through a list of items that I was supposed to bring with me, to ensure that I didn't forget anything. I am also wondering if I wore the correct type of shoes.

I grab a soda, and begin to chat with my friend Matt. Suddenly a feeling of dread hits me, as I remember I have forgotten the most vital thing; my trumpet! I tell Matt "Oh my God, I forgot my freaking trumpet!!". I ask what time the event is, and how long I have to go back and get the instrument. Matt tells me the time of the event, but I cannot make out the clock to see what time it is (darn it; this could have made for a good RC!).

I run into a room and find two women, and know that one of them had driven here. I relate my story, and ask her if she can drive me back to get my trumpet. She seems very suspicious, like I just plan to get her back to my place. She asks where I left it, and I say it's at my sister's house. This just heightens her suspicion for some reason, but just as she is about to tell me to get lost, the other woman speaks up and assures her that I am telling the truth.

We are on our way out the sliding glass door when I turn around and see my son wearing some very small shorts. I belt out "nice knickers!", and see that I have hurt his feelings. I add "Just kidding." as an inadequate afterthought, but it doesn't seem to help, and I feel like a jerk.

I realize that everyone is wearing the odd shorts, and suddenly remember that we are dressed in a German theme. I ask someone whether I am supposed to be wearing the shorts too, and they confirm my fears. Now I am missing my trumpet, AND the shorts I should be wearing!


My wife and I enter a used furniture store. We are walking towards a room in the back, as she apparently has something in mind. I look into another room to the left, and see some odds and ends that look rather antique.


We are in a room with a bunch of junk and a huge grand piano. There are two salesmen in the room, and my son is there too.

My wife is trying to convince me to buy the piano. I look at the item in question. It is that horrible yellow/orange 70s color finish, and when the salesman opens the door over the keys, I see that the interior is painted in pastel shades of blue and green, with some bowl shaped art deco ornaments fastened to the sides. The whole thing is gigantic as well.

I ask my wife what the heck she plans on doing with it? It won't fit in our house, and besides that, neither of us know how to play the piano. She replies that she wants to buy it for the music club on our cruise ship (um, riiiiight)... Then she asks the salesman how much he is asking. He says $700.

I begin to get angry and say there is no freaking way I'm paying $700 for an ugly piano that we can't even use. The salesman then says that he will give it to us for $500, obviously misinterpreting my intentions. Exasperated, I say "Fine, how about I give you $700 for the damn thing, and you guys re-stain it?" He says he wishes it were possible, but they cannot do that.

Desperate to deter my wife now, I blurt out "Hey, how about we get you a guitar instead?" (in real life she has been oohing over cellos and violins, not guitars), and her eyes widen in anticipation.

The salesman shows her a few stringed instruments, and she picks up something the size of a violin. After a few minutes, she inexplicably begins tossing the instrument up in the air and catching it. This confuses me, and I am about to say "You break it, you buy it..." when she fails to make the catch, and the instrument slams to the floor. I am extremely stressed out now, and run over to the remains, only to find that it is just a painting of a violin on a wooden block cut to fit the shape.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see my son sitting indian style on the floor tossing some fine china in the air. I can't take it any more and yell at him to get on the freaking bench and sit on his hands! The second salesman is startled when I raise my voice, but the first one gives him a look to stay out of it.

I can't wait to get out of this store.

Interesting stuff, eh? The last dream was in a very shallow sleep, and around the cruise ship part I was aware of myself lying in bed and consciously though about performing a reality check in the dream, but decided against it due to the fact that it would probably just wake me up anyway (boy I wish I had thought twice about that).

Also interesting is the fact that I had been drinking heavily the night before, and I had always thought that DR was supposed to be virtually eliminated with alcohol. While I didn't really remember anything immediately upon waking, all of these dreams came back gradually over about an hour's time.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bathrooms & Issues Parking

Forgive me for not posting the last couple of days, but most of my dreams have been rather bland. Today is no exception, really, but I'll type it out anyway for the sake of practice.

Normal Dreams.

I am in a movie theater, and someone is telling me about a guy who has folded down a few seats in one of the rooms, and has been sleeping there. I wonder if the employees have to deal with homeless guys in the theater often.

I enter the room, and recognize the man he was talking about (an old boss of mine). He has bags under his eyes and looks strung out. I wonder whether he failed to pay his rent while he was on vacation, and got evicted.


I am trying to use the bathroom in the theater, and all of the toilets are out of order. I know there is a second bathroom, and I head in that direction.

When I find it, there is a sign hanging on the door that says it is out of order, and to use the other bathroom (the one with no working toilets). I am pissed, and tear through the sign.

When I enter, I see that I am not the only one who ignored the sign. There is also an employee trying to mop the floor who looks clearly exasperated that we are all in there. I have no sympathy for him, and approach a urinal.


I find myself driving into a mall parking lot. It is snowing, and I am reaching the end of a parking row.

I attempt to slow down, and the car begins to do one of those two MPH uncontrollable slides towards a number of parked cars along the sides.

Having apparently lost my mind in this dream, I exit the moving vehicle, and begin attempting to push and pull the car away from any potential impacts. I tug the bumper in one direction and then the other as the car continually overcompensates. Eventually the vehicle bumps into the rear of another car before I can redirect it again. I grab control of the front end and finally slide it to a stop in an open space.

I check the front of the car for damage (while i'm looking at it the car appears to be on a lift, because I can see the belly while looking up, however it is still in the parking spot. DREAM SIGN!!), but everything looks fine. I am very relieved.


I am leaving the mall, and see that all of the snow has melted now. I get in the car which now appears to be a 60s style Mustang. The interior is completely white.

The car is now parked parallel on a hill between two other cars (even though I parked in a flat parking lot earlier. DREAM SIGN #2!! Where is my brain!!! ).

This would not be a problem, except that the dream is very realistic this time, and I am not familiar with the clutch (even though this is apparently my car). I worry about rolling into the car behind me as I feel it out. As it turns out, the clutch is shallow, and I lurch forward awkwardly onto the road. Everything feels very real, and reacts exactly as I would expect in WL.


I am at home (although I do not recognize the house at all. DREAM SIGN #3! Congrats, I'm officially retarded!), and standing around in my underwear for some reason talking with my wife.

The door bell rings, and I ask if she knows who it is. She says no, and I say I'll answer it.

I see a big pile of clothes on the floor, and frantically dig around for something easy to slip on. As I dig, I hear the latch come undone, and look for frantically for some pants. The door begins to swing open, and I grab whatever is in my hands and toss it on. It was a shirt, so I am still standing there in my underwear.

An older man walks in, and I say "Can I help you?!" obviously annoyed that someone has the nerve to let themselves in. The man is holding a box and asks if I can sign something (he is not distracted by the fact that I'm half-naked). I hear my wife walk in and say "I wouldn't sign anything for Fred." Jokingly. I realize this must be the mail man, and then everything is OK.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Missed Signs & Public Toilets

Note: Both normal dreams.

I find myself working in the back of a Taco Bell or something in my home town. The back looks more like a muffler shop than a fast food joint, though. I cannot remember what happened here, but there was some sort of strife with my boss.

Afterwards I drive off in what looks like a 1980s Cutlass. Its not in great shape. I drive a ways through town until I arrive at a modular home that apparently belongs to my old friend, Tim.

I find myself inside the house holding a conversation with Tim's father (he is deceased now, so this would make my first ND experience talking with people I know have passed on). Unfortunately, I cannot remember what the subject was.

I step outside to return to my car, and find that Tim's two older brothers have stripped the panels off of my doors. They think it is awfully funny, but I am upset because the car is no longer road worthy. I begin to yell at the two to start putting it back together, and the two throw the parts inside the car and run inside the house.

I continue to yell at the house, and after a few minutes I hear one of the brothers yell back "Hold on a second!". I am not amused and begin yelling louder. Again I hear "Dude, I said hold on!", I yell "No, I mean NOW!!". The brother replies "I'm on the freakin' toilet.", and all I can say is "Uh, yeah, OK then..."


I am in a distorted version of my high school cafeteria (HELLO!! BIG DREAM SIGN!), and I see my good friend Rudy walk by. I yell out to him, and he turns around and recognizes me. Not having seen each other in so long, we have a good embrace, and chum it up for a second. Another old acquaintance, Justin, is there and we have a few words as well. I ask where the bathroom is at, and Justin tells me it is downstairs.

I make my way down the stairs to the basement floor. This seems to be the gym/locker room area, although it has been thoroughly modernized since I last saw it.

I now notice that I am carrying five or six baseball bats on top of having to use the bathroom. I'm not carrying them under one arm or in any normal manner; I'm carrying them sticking out of pockets, and any number of ways that make it very difficult to walk without dropping them.

I make my way down the hall towards a service desk of sorts, and see the bathroom doors just ahead. To my dismay, the bathrooms have a sign that says "For Subscribers Only".

I turn around and see a door back the way I came that says "Guest Bathroom", and waddle towards it. As soon as I reach to open the door, it swings open as a man comes out. Great... A freshly used public toilet...

I close the door (there are actually two doors to the bathroom now, right next to each other), and lock it. I lift the toilet seat cover and see that it is filthy. Not just dirty, but all scuffed up so you can't even wipe the filth completely out of the abrasions.

True to my nature, I attempt the toilet straddle to avoid making any contact.


Friday, February 9, 2007

Snakes, Tornados and Video Games

Note: Long normal dream. The second part seems connected to the first, as if it is happening in the same area.

I am standing at the edge of an open field next to a familiar road in the town I grew up in. My Uncles electric motor shop would normally be across the street, but i do not take notice in this dream.

I am with about three other people, one man and two women as far as i can remember. There is a large shrub, or boulder, or egg sack or something in front of us (I can't remember what it looked like, just that it was nearly round). Stands about five feet tall.

Suddenly green snakes of all sizes begin pouring out of the formation. I don't remember the snakes being particularly aggressive, but it was quite startling regardless.

At this point someone suggests we do something with the snakes (I don't remember what, exactly), and I blurt out "Uh, I'm gonna have to say, HELL no...". I don't exactly have a phobia of snakes. I can stand to be around them, but I can think of a thousand things I'd rather do than touch them.

Anyhow, some sort of conversation takes place while everyone participates in whatever it is I refused to do. I tip toe around the grass, trying to avoid the snakes.

As I watch one of them, I see little flaps (much like the ears of a frog) split open just behind the head, and long, jointed appendages stretch out. The appendages begin to whirl in small circles; faster and faster until the snake actually lifts off of the ground. This freaks me the hell out. Snakes are one thing, but flying snakes are hugely more frightening. I begin to panic until I realize that they are all flying off across the open field to the West. I mention to one of the individuals around me that giving snakes wings kind of classifies them as dragons, as far as i can tell.

As I watch them fly off into the distance, the sky catches my eye. It is very dark, and I can see an even darker formation taking shape vertically. It takes me a second, but I soon realize that I am looking at a huge tornado, and lo and behold, its headed right in my direction.

I look around for a structure suitable to take cover in. I see a brick building about 1000 feet away, but it's in the direction of the tornado. I decide to risk it anyhow, and begin running towards the building. The running is classic slow-mo, can't move as fast as I need to, dream style. I manage to make the building though, just as the wind picks up.

One of the people with me, who I now identify as my good friend, Matt, yells "I am going to go stay in my truck!". I advise against it, but he is too worried about his truck, and runs off anyway.

The door to the building is too far away to make it in time, but I see a stone fence of sorts surrounding what looks like some kind of power station. The fence has a stone gate as well, and I duck inside with another unidentifiable individual. We hold the gate shut as the winds pick up drastically, only opening it long enough to let another individual squeeze in at the last minute.

The ground shakes, and the winds are deafening. Debris streams through the air all around us. The tornado is passing directly over the building. After about 30 seconds, everything calms, and I can see yellow sunlight peeking through the clouds above. I am tempted to leave the cover, but know that this must only be the eye of the tornado. Just as I assumed, the winds pick up again shortly after, and last for another 30 seconds.

Once the tornado has passed we leave the shelter to survey the area. To the North, I can see two more funnels forming quickly. This time there is a chance to run for the doors. I realize that this is a weather tracking station, so it should be optimal for protection during this sort of thing.

I duck inside the doors, and into a lobby. The North wall is filled with tall windows. I can see the tornados coming, and briefly wonder how we could be safe with a long wall of windows between us and the storm. I think the windows must be double paned (as if that makes any difference) and dismiss the subject.

I realize that I am now accompanied by my son's boy scout pack, and a couple other older people lounging around the lobby. One of the older men has a snack table set up, and one of the children is asking him if he can have something. The man explains that he can have something if he is willing to trade for it.

After a few minutes I notice the child sneak under the table and grab a pack of cookies when the man isn't looking. I chastise the boy, and ask him if he remembers what the man had said. He gives the older man a candy bar wrapped in pink foil, and everyone seems satisfied.

I decide to walk through some swinging doors into the weather watcher's office.


I find myself playing a hand held game. The player character is a chibi sized girl in a pink frilly dress. The game plays like a bubble bobble style platformer. I have to make my way down the level, which consists of candy cane, and cloud like horizontal platforms. I collect items worth points, and avoid bubbles full of lightning bolts while I jump and fall through the level. It is fun, and I am doing rather well. I am nearly at the bottom of the level when...


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Guns and Golems

I find myself in a cave system, looking into an antechamber filled with large boulders. There is a ring of boulders around wall of the chamber that stand about 10 feet tall.

I have a feeling that there is some sort of secret passage out of this room, but I know that I have tried everything to find it in the past. I contemplate what type of skill would help me to find the secret entrance, and consider using Libra (another FFXII influence). A small trail between two of the boulders catches my eye.

As soon as I enter the room, I see flying creatures that look like giant grass hoppers careening towards me from out of the darkness above. I begin firing off what is either a bow or a gun at them, and they fall easily.

I make my way along the pathway between the boulders, and the cave opens up onto a beach scene (hello! another missed dream sign). Just outside of the cave are a couple of rundown huts, with debris scattered about. Somewhere around them I find an odd gun. I look down the shoreline and take in the blue water and palm trees.

Suddenly I notice a giant gray stone golem slowly marching towards me about half a mile down the shoreline where the water meets the shore. The golem is humongous, and must stand around 100 feet tall. It is obvious that it must be coming for me.

I fire off a volley of rounds with my newfound gun. All of the rounds arc and fall short of their target. The gun just doesn't have enough range. I begin to panic, but realize that there is another mode to try.

This time I hold the trigger down, and the gun charges. As i release the trigger, a brilliant stream of white hot flame and energy jumps forth, and extends off into the distance. As the beam reaches it' s maximum length, I see a cache of round black bombs fall from the air where it stopped. As they strike the ground, carnage ensues; everything around them is torn asunder.

Unfortunately, the beam fell short of the monstrosity, so i adjust the angle and try again. This time the beam ends just prior to actually striking the creature, and the bomblets fall at it's massive feet. The explosion is deafening, and I watch as the golem breaks apart and tumbles to the ground.


I am sitting on an old wooden dock along the shore, and browsing through a catalog of sorts. The catalog seems to be interactive, and is laid out much like the gambit system in FFXII (yeah, it's getting a little old). I am trying to decide between what looks like a long and short version of a machete. As I try to decide, I cycle back and forth between the two and weight the pros and cons of each. In hindsight, I assume this was another influence from Final Fantasy, as I probably gained some rewards from defeating the grass hoppers and the golem, and was just trying to figure out where to spend them.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Bazaar, Fancy Armor & an Awkward Moment

Sorry for the window without any entries. My wife and I were having a baby! We had a little boy (or not so little really, he weighed over eight pounds). My mother in law came to town as well, so there wasn't a lot of room for this dream journal. I haven't had a lot of sleep lately either (imagine that), so dreams have been few and far between. Hopefully I can get back on track now; at least to some extent.

Anyway - On with the dream!

Note: Normal dream.

I am wandering though an indoor bazaar of sorts. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the lighting is low. It looks like things might be illuminated by firelight. This dream is very long, but I have lost large parts already. There are events before the bazaar, but I can't remember what.

I approach a very large black iron birdcage (the type with the rounded top). The cage must stand around eight feet tall. The lower half is filled with burning embers, laced in red/orange, white and charcoal black. There is some sort of scoreboard looking monitor just above the embers (I don't know what it is keeping track of). The door to the cage is open, and I see an old friend, Greg, sitting cross-legged on a platform where a swinging perch would normally be. There is also a woman (an attendant maybe) standing beside the cage. I know her, but I can't remember who it is.

I hold a conversation with Greg, but cannot remember what it was about. Something catches my eyes within the hot embers. I point it out, and Greg's attendant wraps her hand in a cloth and reaches in to pull it out. A long two handed sword emerges from the coals.

Greg is angry (apparently he has been looking for it). I turn to the attendant while he rants and say "Well, at least it's clean.", meaning sterile, since it had been heated to such a temperature. She agrees, and glances nervously at Greg out of the corner of her eye.

There is a large gap here, but I remember Greg issuing an order out of anger, and more happenings within the bazaar.


I am walking down a wide stone hallway with a huge cathedral ceiling riddled with colorful stained glass and ironwork. Greg is walking slightly ahead of me, wearing the long robes of royalty. He is talking about changing into the ceremonial armor, and some sort of ritual that is about to take place. I know that the ritual is a result of him being wronged, and assume it has to do with the sword from earlier.

I crane my neck to peek inside one of the rooms off the left side of the hallway. I see about 10 people in fanciful suits or armor laid out on stone slabs. They all seem to be people I recognize. I know they are all alive, but the way they have positioned themselves reminds me of the sculptures affixed to the top of stone caskets in roman crypts. I know that they are waiting for a mass suicide sort of ritual. I realize that this must be what Greg has in mind for himself and all of his loyal followers.

The hallway opens up into a throne room. I glance over to the throne and see a very intricately carved and decorated extension to the back of the chair lowering in two pieces and then folding out to surround the throne. It is very impressive, and resembles the styling that the Final Fantasy series has used in recent years when designing the wings and adornments of Bahamut and similar dragon type creatures (This may be influenced by the fact that I spent about an hour and a half battling the Hell Dragon in FFXII yesterday only to have my entire party stopped minutes away from his death, and killed. I'm a little sour).

I turn to the left and walk towards Greg's chambers. I see him strapping on his own armor. The armor has a dark burgundy lacquer, and is laced with veins of gold. My eyes run over the rounded shoulder pauldrons, and follow the maze of intricate designs. I say "That is the coolest freaking armor I have ever seen!"


I am in a room in my Grandfather's house (this should be a dream sign for me by now). While it is a room from my Grandpa's house, I know it is still part of Greg's castle. I am expected to change into my own armor here, to prepare for the ritual.

There is a woman who is trying to help me. I remember her telling me to change into something else so that I can escape the castle and make my way to another town.

On the bed I find a pair of purple dragon wings that look like they belong to a Halloween costume. For some reason I think that I have to put these on in order to escape, but they are too small. I begin cutting additional holes for my arms to fit through.

Before I slip the wings on, I pull a foam muscle suit over my head (I have no idea where this came from). I put the wings on next, which seem to be attached to a small purple net shirt (so small that it wears like a belly shirt or something). Now I pull on a pair of yellow rubber kitchen gloves. Ok, take a second now to imagine what this all must look like.

I see motion outside the door, and there is a small girl standing there. She looks bewildered, and asks me why I am wearing all of her stuff. I don't know what to say. Apparently all of these items belong to her, and she just walked in to find a strange man in her bedroom wearing her clothes. I know how this must look, and immediately begin disrobing as fast as i can. I am terrified that someone will see me like this.

I hear another person approaching the room, and I fear that it might be the girls parents. Just as I flail out of the last item of the girls clothing, the door swings open. There I am, standing in my underwear in a little girls room with her clothes sprawled out over the floor, when her parents walk in. I am in that "Oh my God, I know how this looks and there is nothing I can possibly say that will explain it away" drop jawed moron mode. How could this possibly happen to me.

Then the shock fades and to my relief the person at the door is the same woman who is trying to help me escape; not the little girls parents. What a load off. She wonders what the heck I was doing, and then explains what I need to do now.