Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Strange Medicine

Note: Normal dream fragment.

My wife is driving, and I am a passenger in what seems to be a station wagon of some sort. My son is lying down in the trunk (the trunk starts immediately behind the front seats in this case).

I am in the back, and I have to give my son an injection of some sort. I have to insert a needle into his neck that is connected to a long tube. I must have been having some reluctance in doing it right, so the next thing I know, my wife is also helping (don't ask me who was driving the car). My job is to hold a sort of cup with padding on one end around the needle, while my wife squirts a huge syringe full of air into the open end of the cup. As she does this the level of fluid (looks clear like saline or something) within the cup slowly goes down, as I assume, it is pushed into his bloodstream.

The physics of this are really off, and for a moment it seems strange to me. I think I was on the verge of becoming lucid. I let off of the cup as I was distracted trying to figure out why things didn't seem right, and the fluid began to spill out. My wife is annoyed and admonishes me. She gives me "that" look.

I then have to pluck the needle out of his neck. It was an unpleasant experience.


My son screams in fear from the back of the car. My wife reassures him that he doesn't have to worry any more. I don't think that his fear had anything to do with the treatment that we just gave him. I seem to remember that we are on the run from something, but all of the dream before the last fragment is lost to me now.


I am back in the passenger seat. My wife tears off across an open field. I am like "what the heck are you doing?" She tells me this way is much shorter. I remain quiet to avoid an argument. I try to remember where it is we are, and where we are going in such a hurry, but I can't seem to find an answer.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Key Thief

Note: This is a fragmented normal dream.

I remember sneaking into my cousin's childhood home (this is my second dream there). The house belongs to my boss in this dream. I make my way to the room where my cousin's parents used to sleep. I am looking for something, but I cannot remember what.

I hear noises from another room in the house, and they sound like they are getting closer. I assume that my boss has returned home, even though he is supposed to be on vacation.

I kick into a frenzy to get out of the house, and quickly grab a huge buch of keys that are laying on the bedspread (apparently this is what I came for). I run for the door as the noises come closer. As I slowly try to close the front door without making a sound, I imagine him entering the back door of the house, and just narrowly escaping.

As I walk in front of a picture window I glance inside the house again, and see that there is a group of my friends in the kitchen (including Trey, who I haven't seen in years). I realize that they must have broken in too, and that the noises I heard must have been them.

I enter the kitchen and talk with them, and it turns out that they heard me as well, and likewise, thought the boss was returning home early.

They were also very interested in the keys fro some reason.


I'm standing in front of the bosses desk, and trying to hold a conversation with him. We used to see very eye to eye, and had a mutual respect for eachother. He apparently had a change in attitude while he was on vacation, and I feel that everything he says is condescending.


I couldn't remember my dream when I woke up, but it came seeping back to me in the shower. I think a stray thought about work may have triggered it.

So, the boss really is on vacation right now. I am switching employment soon, and he knows it. I think this dream is a result of this situation. Sometimes I feel like attitudes will change towards me, due to my career decision. Seems like I might be branded as a "traitor". I don't have much of a problem with this in real life, as the move will be good for me, but apparently my subconscious is struggling with it right now.

Perhaps the keys were to release the shackles of my current job. No wonder everyone wants to get at them...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just One Word

Only a single word echoing through my head again this morning:


I have no clue what the dream was about, but I'm sure that it had something to do with FFXII, as I spent the majority of last night getting whomped by giant, sword wielding beasts. I really don't recall playing any games in the past that have had such a profound impact on my dreams. Good job, Square-Enix!

I just wish I could go lucid in Ivalice...

I have also been toying with the notion that my alarm clock might be my dream thief. It seems to blast all thought clean out of my head, and place me into an instant frenzy to turn it off.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Sinister DJ, Helplessness, and a Giant Hand

Note: All normal dreams.

Before I get started, I want to mention that I tried something new last night after having recent problems with dream recall. I ate a couple slices of american cheese before I hit the sack. I read on LD4all, that this could help. I've tried bananas and chocolate as well, but neither has worked to this extent (in fact, bananas seem to be counter-productive). I have also been taking a Ginkgo supplement twice a day for about three days now.

I think I missed a large part of my first dream due to something kind of comical. I wrote all about it in my dream journal. Lots of detail - the works!

Turns out; I had a dream about writing in my dream journal as well :D Needless to say, 90% of the first dream is lost to me now. Here is what I remember (only a fragment):

There is a Rocky Horror Picture Show type guy standing on a first floor balcony on the corner of a narrow European small town street. The balcony is large, and has no railing. He is making a crazy face, and begins to put on a blonde, long haired wig (it was 80s hair band style). Once he gets the wig on it morphs into an Egyptian style head dress. The type you see on King Tut, etc.


As for the dream journal, it is apparently my online blog, but it isn't formatted like this. It looks more like the admin page where you can edit posts and whatnot. The posts all have arrow heads next to them that you can click on to rearrange the order. I am having a hard time deciding what order to place tonights dreams into.


I think that I am a female. I am being held hostage in a basement by a woman in a red dress. Eventually, she has to make her way upstairs for something, and commands me to follow her. She tells me that if I say anything to anyone, I will pay dearly.

On the ground level there is a big square counter in the middle of the room, and many people standing around it. I recognize these people as law enforcement officers and detectives. Knowing this, I begin to say something, but one glance from the woman shuts me up. Once she has done what she needs to do we make our way back through the crowd towards the stairs. I know it's now or never, so I work up the courage to speak to the first person I see. It is a detective wearing a black sports coat. I spill the beans, but he just stares at me blankly. Oh no! This can't be happening! I try another and another, but I get the same response.

Finally I talk to a security guard (mall security or something), who hears what I am saying, and we dash off towards the stairs down. Apparently the woman has run down the stairs again.

We reach the stairs and the lights are not on. I ask the guard if he has a flashlight, and he says that he does. Luckily, I have one too (go figure), and I take it out and switch it on.

By now, the guard has moved out of my range of sight, so I hurry down the dark stairs.


I find myself in a dark sewer tunnel, reminiscent of the Imperial City sewers of Oblivion. I am no longer a woman, it seems. The walls are yellow/brown sandstone blocks, and there is rubble strewn about. It doesn't strike me as odd that the stairs leading to the room I was held captive in, now lead to an ancient sewer tunnel...

I look around for the security guard; swinging the thin beam of my flashlight back and forth, into the oppressive darkness further down the tunnel. I see blood splatters on the floor, and notice a pair of black boots being drug behind a crumbling pillar.

Oh no! I have a very bad feeling of impending doom. I have to get out! I swing the flashlight around, looking for the exit, and briefly worry about it drawing attention to myself. I see a stone staircase leading up, against the wall to my left. I run for it.


The staircase winds up, and up. I remember having come this way many times before, but it all seemed very safe then. I am still being chased by something or someone. The horrible monster that I could have envisioned before, seems to have been replaced by a man (a man wearing red and black for some reason). The chase seems to be more of a high stakes competition to reach the top now, than a run for my life. I am in the lead, but I feel him closing in. Strangely, I fear him closing in. Not like I am scared to lose the competition, but some sort of fear of harm.

As I run, I begin to notice tiny chunks of glass (the way safety glass looks when you shatter it) littering the floor. I stop for a second to look around, and see that the walls and most of the architecture has changed to an iron and glass mixture. There are bridges spanning the room from side to side that seem to be made from thin, intricately woven bands of iron or lead, and all the gaps are filled with clear glass. Much like a stained glass window, if you were to use clear glass instead. There is a bit of light filtering down from tall windows far above.

As I look around, a humongous hand hurdles towards me from above and tries to snatch me up. The hand is attached to a long scaly arm, fading away into the darkness above. I dodge, and take cover under an iron and glass bridge. The hand begins to slam the top of the bridge, and the whole thing start to collapse. I quickly search for another overhang of some sort to take refuge under. This goes on for long minutes, as the entire room is made of crumbling glass structures that are broken by the hand as fast as i can dive under them. I am terribly frightened, and cry out "Why?, I have come this way before!" a deep voice calls back "You are brown. It is Tuesday." This is confusing, and I wonder if it is referring to the color of my skin, or something else all together (I am Caucasian, so this furthers my confusion). I ask what it means. The voice tells me that it is referring to the brown squadron. On Tuesdays the brown squadron is forbidden, and will be eaten. Apparently I am a member of the brown squadron.

I run towards a stairwell that leads up. The creature is frantically smashing iron and glass to reach me, but I manage to narrowly avoid it's grasp. My opponent has caught up to me now as well, and as a last resort, we hurdle through a broken window in the side of the stairwell and out of the building.

We are many stories up, and begin to plummet to the earth below. The two of us grab for what look like black rubber chords strapped all up and down the building, apparently holding it together. We get our grip, and begin rappelling down.

The walls of the building seem to be made from large red vinyl balloons. The type that firemen use in rescues, when someone has to jump from a great height. The balloons are held in place by the black chords.

We slide effortlessly down, and at some point I begin to slide between the bands and the vinyl like a snake. This is odd, but a very smooth feeling. It is hard to explain. It is a bit like flying, because gravity has no effect and I am able to just slide along the curves of the balloons.


We reach the ground, and suddenly we are both rather chummy. I guess the situation has forced us to cooperate and forget about the competition. For a moment, the man felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he did not look the same. I think I was just supposed to get the action hero vibe from him.

I look around and it appears that we are on the shore of a small river in the Amazon rain forest. There is smooth sand under our feet, like a beach. I have no shoes on, and it feels great. I am very relaxed, and look around in comfort, enjoying the scenery.

There were two women with us now as well. One is Latino, and I recognize her from the show Lost, when she smiles at me (although she didn't look like any of the characters from Lost). I turn to the man and say something about how nice it is to be the best two male actors on Lost. He laughs and agrees with me. I say "Well Ok, so I'm not on the show, but..." My brain begins to churn through that statement, and logical thinking floods in.


I drift back to sleep after using the bathroom. This dream is very short, due to the fact that I am in that hazy half-sleep just before morning.

I am apparently the Master of Half-empty and Half-full. I have an innate ability to distinguish between a half empty glass of water and a half full glass of water. Apparently, I can also tell you how many dice are in a row (don't ask me).

Near the end of the dream I have a sheet of black and white stickers with half-empty and half-full glasses of water and columns of four dice on them. I am peeling the stickers off and arranging them in a row around my wife's midriff.



So, I have concluded, that I will eat cheese again tonight :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tanks on the Beach

I was really angry when I woke up this morning, because once again I remembered nothing of my dreams.

I was making pancakes for the fam, when something came back to me:

I was on some type of open-air tank with my Father and my Mother. The tank had two giant launchers mounted behind the cab. We were driving over a flat area of beach, but it seemed to be in the middle of a city, with tall apartment style buildings rising up all around us.

I was trying to load a munition into the launcher. The bomb had a bulbous front end that tapered into an X shaped fin. It was black, and about two feet long. I had to shove the munition back into the barrel of the cannon until it clicked in (like some suction cup guns, etc). I tried and tried to click it in, but it just wouldn't stick. This was very, very nerve racking, because the bomb had an impact fuse in the front, and that is where I had to shove on it to slide it in again and again.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, grabbed the bomb by the tail fins and heaved it out in front of our vehicle. It made a nice little explosion that I really didn't pay much attention to.

My father told me to load the next one. When I pick it up, I find that it is mangled and bent in different directions. I know I have to load it, so I try and get it down the barrel. It's not fitting. I try to bend it back into position, and even use my teeth to yank at the fins. Finally I manage to twist it enough to slide it into the barrel.

As soon as it is in, my Father launches it. I cower in a corner, as I am sure the thing can't possibly work as advertised. I could have sworn that it went off right behind me, catching me in it's blast. The feeling was really kind of frightening. I look around to survey the damage, and find that it didn't explode behind me after all. My Father points out behind the vehicle, and I see a mound of interestingly shaped shrapnel embedded in the ground (which looks like smooth, wet sand).

I remember wanting to gather the mound of shrapnel up in order to use it as an example for something.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Words

Two word stuck in my head when I awoke today:

"Conscious Overload"

I don't know what I was dreaming about, but it certainly didn't ring true :( Not even a Conscious Trickle, here. I am having a real dry spell.

I did wake up briefly in the middle of the night, and remember two other words. I tried to commit them to memory before I fell back asleep, but they were gone when I woke up this morning. They both began with the letter "C", though.

I tried out the FILD technique when I drifted back to sleep, but I fell out before I remembered to RC...

I ate a couple Hersey's kisses before I went to bed last night, in hopes that my seratonin would have a boost. No luck.

Seems like my dream video camera is broken or something... I'm only getting audio (and very little at that)!

Wish me luck over the weekend!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Another night without dream recall... Although I did remember a single word upon waking:


Since I cannot remember anything else about the dream, here is what Wikipedia has to say about the Nephilim:

"In the Torah and several non-canonical Jewish and early Christian writings, nephilim (Hebrew, הנּפלים, those causing others to fall) are a people created by the crossbreeding of the sons of God (b'nei elohim, בני האלהים) and the "daughters of men"[1]. The word nephilim is loosely translated as giants or titans in some translations of the Bible, and is left as nephilim in others:
When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown."

Oh, and I tried the earplugs out last night. It was infinitely easier to get to sleep, but I woke up before my alarm went off feeling uncomfortable. My ear canals were sweating and irritated.

Maybe it just takes some getting used to...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


No dream recall last night, so I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about how frustrating it is to have so little control.

I might just be a little more flustered than usual, since I went from my first fully lucid dream a couple nights ago, to not remembering a single dream last night. What could be more frustrating? I wouldn't classify myself as a control freak, but to have almost NO control over how often, and how well I remember my dreams is irritating to say the least. I wake up and know that I just had a dream, but cannot even come up with a theme!

What if I have been having lucid dreams, one after the other, but have simply forgotten? Knowing that this is a real possibility is also frustrating.

I woke up after about five hours of sleep last night and performed the same activities as I did the night of my last real LD. I used the bathroom, got a small drink and lay back down to attempt a WILD. I remember NOTHING when I wake up in the morning. You would think that I would at least have some recall considering I had an entire LD and full recall last time. Then again, my wife was making more noise than usual last night. Maybe that has some influence, too.

There was one thing that I did differently, though: I ate a banana. I have heard that this is supposed to heighten awareness in dreams, but the last two times that I have tried it as an aid, my recall has been nil the following morning.

I think I might try a Ginkgo supplement, as it is supposed to help with memory. I am thinking about giving ear plugs a shot as well... I have a fitted pair from work. I will just have to tell my wife to kick me if I don't hear the alarm.

Must just be tough, trying to teach this old dog new tricks. Too bad I didn't hear about this while I was still a little more impressionable.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Much FFXII

Note: This is a very vague normal dream.

I am in a town that must be nestled in the mountains somewhere. Valleys intersect at the town from all eight compass directions.

A weather report warns that a huge coldfront will be blowing in from the North West. The report says that it is due to Shiva. I have to assume that this is referring to the Final Fantasy Shiva, and not the Demigod, due to the fact that it apparently controls the cold weather, and that I have been playing way too much FFXII lately. Not to mention the fact that as soon as the weather report ended, some text flashed over my dream reading "SHIVA - The hunt is on", making me assume that in order to save the town from the weather, someone had to go out NW and vanquish her.

Eventually, though, the dream degrades into one of those half waking daydreams. It seems that the weather is influenced by what I type out in my dream journal, although I can't seem to get it right, and all sorts of weather I do not desire keeps popping up, prompting me to make another entry in the journal.


Weird, eh? Too bad this wouldn't work in real life. I command the weather to SNOW!!

Nothing? Ah, well...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Keep the Guns, Dumby!

Note: Normal dream.

There is much more to this dream, but I fell back asleep before writing it down.

A friend and I are clearing out a small village of ogres in true RPG fashion, while working our way toward the main building.

I think we are using guns. We are entering every house so as to kill every ogre and not miss a single treasure.

We switch weapons to swords. I pull out a huge rough-edged blade. The whole thing looks very heavy, but is actually quite light.

We backtrack two houses to one that we apparently missed. The door swings open, and an ogre inside points his sword at us (it looks a lot like mine. Maybe I picked mine up from an earlier kill). We prepare to attack when one of the ogres points a gun at us and fires. I am hit! I don't know where, and it doesn't physically hurt, but I spin around like one would expect to when hit by a bullet.

The ogre laughs and steps out of the house, firing again. This time I feel the bullet pass though my cheek and out the other. It is not painful, but definitely disturbing to be shot in the face.

I feel things going downhill, and wonder what my friend is doing. We should not have switched to swords...


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lucidity At Last!

Note: First fully lucid dream of any length.

I went to bed attempting to WILD as usual, but I must have fallen asleep on accident (this either usually happens, or I just don't recall the WILD experiences). I had set the alarm for six hours later, since my wife was working the next day, and that would give me a golden opportunity to try the WBTB technique.


My alarm goes off, and I wake up long enough to use the bathroom and grab a drink. I hit the sack lying on my back and try for another WILD. Before settling in, I give myself a few directives such as: I WILL remember my dreams, I WILL do reality checks, and I WILL have a lucid dream. The WILD is unsuccessful, and I accidentally fall asleep.


I'm sitting at a table in my high school cafeteria (second time for this setting) with many other non-distinct people.

I look down at my hands and have to do a double take. SIX FINGERS!! I immediately become aware that I am dreaming. There is no hesitation. I am completely amazed at how oblivious I was only moments before to the fact that this is a dream, regardless of the odd location I am in. The epiphany is quite exciting, and I jump up from my seat, holding my six fingered hands in front of me, and yell "Yes!!".


My surroundings blur while I yell, and I end up in the kitchen of my cousin's house. I really don't know what to do with myself. I begin walking around and marvel at how real everything seems.

I continually look back at my hands to reassure myself that I really am dreaming. Still six fingers on each one.

At one point the sixth finger starts to become less clear. My brain must not be functioning at a very high capacity, because I am afraid that if my hands go back to having only five fingers, I will no longer be dreaming and any dream characters will immediately realize that I have been acting strangely. This is a completely irrational fear, and I should realize this, but I do not.

Fearing the sixth finger will disappear, I remember a technique that I learned in real life to increase lucidity. I stop looking at my hands and rub them together. Things immediately stabilize.

While wondering what to do with myself, I decide to try holding my nose. My fingers are not very dexterous, and I have a hard time finding my nose, since I cannot see it. I get an uncomfortable grip on it and squeeze. I can still breathe! Cool!

Well, having my brain at a lower level of function than in waking life, I could not think of anything to do (even though there are hundreds of things that I want to try in a dream), so I resorted to the one primal urge that every man possesses... Sex.

I immediately find my wife nearby, and take her downstairs into my cousins bedroom (it looks just as I remember it years and years ago). I lie her down on his bed and slip her bottom off (that's all she had on, anyway). I am about to begin, when my son appears on the stairway. My wife begins talking to him, and then follows him up the stairs. I know that I have missed my chance.

I have begun to lose some of my lucidity, and no longer realize that dream characters should do whatever I want.

I flip the light switch on in order to see what is on the posters hanging above my cousin's bed. There are a few football posters, and a couple centerfolds. The details of the posters begin to blur as I try to make them out.


Hurray!! My first complete lucid dream! I have renewed confidence! I know I can do this now!

Finding time for the WBTB technique will be difficult, though... I've got to figure out how to keep my concentration for WILDing.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bi-planes, Zero-G and Stupidity

Note: Normal Dream

It is apparent to me that I am on one side of a war. The dream takes place around a lake near my home town. Although it is a lake, the shore resembles an ocean shore with coral and such in this dream.

I am sneaking about an enemy encampment along the South bank. I enter into a small house. There is a stack of hay bails in one corner, and I think that there must be a trap door to a secret lab underneath them.

Once I move the hay bails, I find nothing but a shopping bag. I take what looks like toilet seat covers (you tell me) from the bag, and leave the house with them.


The war seems to have kicked off. It is dark outside, but a full moon lights up the night. The dream from here on feels extremely vivid.

I am piloting a bi-wing fighter plane above the lake (strangely, although the war has kicked off, I am alone in the night). Taking a deep breath, I smell the fresh air. I climb above the clouds and suddenly realize that I am not wearing my oxygen mask. I quickly dive to avoid blacking out.

I descend too quickly, and it is all I can do to avoid hitting the water below. I narrowly pull out of the dive in time.


My cousin, Ryan, steps into the bar. Excited to see him, I jump in his direction from yards away and perform a large number of mid-air, slow motion twists and turns in true Matrix form, all without ever touching the floor. As my parade of slo-mo acrobatics nears him, he smiles and reaches out to shake my hand. Instead of taking hold, I use his hand and other objects along the wall to tip off of and continue my tirade. I don't want to stop because the zero G feeling is fun, and Ryan seems to be amused as well.


I am filleting a large salmon on top of the grill behind the bar. It is incredibly difficult to get the meat off of the skin in one piece, as I am only using my hands. I am very frustrated.


Saturday, January 6, 2007


Note: Normal dream.

I find myself at a water park with my immediate family. There is a lot to the dream that I do not remember, but I remember feeling a little anxiety not knowing where my Father is.

Eventually I find him as we intersect on a lazy river type ride. The water is filled with algae.


After leaving the water park, I suddenly remember that I have missed an entire week of college classes. I am very distraught about my GPA. This, apparently, is the second time that something like this has happened. I am terribly stressed out!

I resolve to write the classes on a calendar, and remember the days being Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Writing the days down makes me feel much better.


Friday, January 5, 2007

Monsters, Fire and Another Bus

Note: Normal dream.

I find myself walking into a house with a few other non-distinct people. After a short hallway, we enter into a dimly lit room.

My attention shifts to a female figure sitting on a throne of sorts in the back of the room. I know that she is in charge.

Out of the corner of my vision, I see one of my companions walk too close to a shape that I cannot make out in the shadows. A long arm shoots out of the darkness above him and grabs him up. I know that he has been eaten, but I am not too concerned. I don't think that I liked him.

The figure in charge points out another shape and calls out to it. At first I see one of those wooden blocks that both of your hands and your head fit into before being locked up. As the woman calls out, a blobulous (yeah, I know that's not a word) salmon toned shape begins to pour out of the head hole. A misshapen face eventually emerges as well. The huge face has a fanged, feline shaped grin that stretches from ear to ear. I remember the beady little eyes being quite disturbing.

I realize it is past time to make an exit. While walking out of the room, I take notice of another female shape strapped to a chair. Her long arms and taloned fingers are locked into a mechanism that only allows movement in one direction. Her neck ends in a gaping hole surrounded by long sharp teeth. Perhaps this is the creature that ate my companion earlier. I know to stay out of her range of motion as I walk past and out of the room.


I'm with someone else that I know, standing around a bonfire in the middle of a neighborhood that I do not recognize (although it feels familiar in the dream).

I attempt to placed some sort of clear plastic bag filled with cotton and tinfoil (it was about the same size and shape as a mattress) on top of the fire. It ignites immediately, but the hot air gets caught up inside and makes the whole thing float off of the fire towards a nearby house! I fear that the house will catch ablaze, so I carefully grab one corner of the bag and lead it back towards the fire.


I am part of a mob of people on our way to burn down the house from the first dream. After some events I cannot remember clearly, I see a smoldering pile of red/orange embers where the house once stood (strangely, though, the pile was only about four feet wide).


I am on board a bus (imagine that, although it does not tip me off) full of survivors from the house we just burnt down. None of the atrocities survived. I have a feeling that they are all pretty unstable (deranged). My wife is on the bus, and warns me to stay away from them all.

I talk with the figure who was the leader before. She bets me $40 that I cannot find all of her children. I accept the wager, and set out to look for them.

There is a pair of twin girls (maybe eight or nine years old) with white hair in the seat directly in front of her. I take note of them, knowing that they belong to her.

As I reach the front of the bus, I see a young woman with long black hair and pale skin, sitting motionless. I feel very compelled to talk with her.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Elastic Back

Note: Low level of lucidity.

This is a very vague dream. It takes place in that sort of half sleep, just before you wake up naturally.

I think I can place the setting as a hallway just beside my old high school cafeteria.

I don't remember what lead up to this, but I found myself staring at a 3'x4' picture frame that somebody was holding out like a clown holds a circus ring for an animal to jump through. There were colors and movement through the frame, and it was not the same place on the other side.

Next thing I know, I am trying to pull myself through the frame into whatever lies on the other side. I gain a sort of semi-lucidity at this point, and realize that I am dreaming. I know that I have to get through the frame to stay lucid and in the dream, but it feels as though the cafeteria world is pulling me back. Its like there is a band of elastic that I am struggling against attached to my back.

I stare at my hands (this is normally a mechanism to gain lucidity, but here I try to use it to maintain). They are over sized, and have a green wireframe to them, like a 3D model. I chant "Stay lucid" to myself as i struggle to move forward. I begin to feel my real body breathing raggedly.


I don't move, and immediately attempt to fall back asleep into the same setting. It takes only moments, and I am back in. Unfortunately, the exact same thing happens when I try to pull myself through the frame.


If only I had been a little more lucid, I could have changed tactics. I realize that I might as well get up, because my body is done sleeping for the night.


I am starting to wonder if this breathing thing is going to prevent me from gaining full lucidity...

Monday, January 1, 2007

Pimp My Bus

Note: Normal dream.

I find myself with a friend (whom I can't remember), standing down the hill from a community college near my home town. A driveway runs past us and up the hill to a tunnel that runs right under the school building and out the back.

As we stand looking at the school, a medium sized dark blue school bus (Ok, it's on now; that's the third bus) drives past us, pulling a pimped out stretch limousine behind it. The two vehicles park along the side of the road, near the building.

I say "Damn, that guy must have a lot of money."

My friend and I walk towards the limo to check it out. The owner of the two vehicles is there, and it is a guy I know named Ron. He has one gold tooth in reality, but is sporting an entire grill in this dream. I get a very "pimp-ish" vibe from him, heh.

I take a look at the interior of the car (which, for some reason, is now no bigger than a Lincoln), and see that the upholstery is a baby blue and yellow striped towel-like material. I exclaim "Damn, bro; is that terry cloth?", as if terry cloth is an extravagant item to have. He confirms that it is, looking proud.

I then make a comment about how I would not like to drive either one of these huge vehicles (this must come from the fact that I have a fear of driving large vehicles in tight situations). Ron remarks that it is easy, and we all pile into the bus.


We are in the front seat of the bus, and Ron is driving around the city attempting to show us how easy it really is. He begins a parking attempt with the vehicle.