Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Into The Ocean

Ok, so this isn't dream related, but I just feel the need to announce that I LOVE THE SONG "INTO THE OCEAN" BY BLUE OCTOBER!

This song is sending my into euphoria every single time I listen to it, and never fails to make me smile. The lyrics aren't particularly happy, but there is something unique in the whole of it.

"Hate Me" is also a wonderful song by this group, although the rest of their stuff is nominal at best. The two songs mentioned here remind me of the better Moody Blues stuff.

Anyhow-- buy, download, whatever; Just get your hands on these songs!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Low Recall Tooth Dream

Note: Vague ND

Not much in the way of recall last night. I do remember moments of one of those teeth dreams, though.

At one point at least three of my teeth had fallen out, and I was having a hard time talking around them. I spit them into my hand while no one was looking.

Eventually someone noticed I was carrying the teeth around and asked to see them. For some reason, I only wanted to show two of the three and was trying to draw attention away from the third...

I was markedly less distraught than usual that my teeth were falling out. What stinks is that I had told myself that the next time my teeth are falling out I would check to see if it is a dream. No such luck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eternal Equinox & Chuck E. Cheese

Note: Normal dreams.

I wake up in my Grandfather's house (yes, again with this place... You'd think I'd have realized by now...) from a nap.

I make my way into the bathroom, not bothering to turn on the light. As I stand at the toilet, the darkness begins to un-nerve me. The window is right above the toilet so I reach to pull the shades up. When the shades are raised I notice that it is light out, and a shock runs through me; crap! I must have slept all night... Now i'll be late for work!

I run into the kitchen, and noticed that the clock says 1:30 (somehow I know that this means 1:30 in the morning, not the afternoon). Now I am confused. How could it be the middle of the night and light outside?

I walk out of the house, and begin to make my way up a trail through the forest to my own house. I see my old friend, Nevin, along the way. I ask him why it is light out in the middle of the night, and he says "Relax. It's just the eternal equinox..." Oh yeah... of course, I think (as if that made any sense at all). I continue up the path to my house.

When I reach the house I find my father on the front porch. My son is also there, riding his bike in the front yard.

Something catches my eye in the sky. I point it out to my father. The middle of the sky is covered in dark red/orange clouds surrounded on all sides with darker gray/black. The red/orange clouds are tumultuous (like churning magma or something), and there is blue lightning spouting out in all directions. The lightning doesn't flash towards (or from) the ground though, it wriggles about and moves around the cloud like a giant Tesla coil.

The whole scene is not threatening; in fact it is very beautiful, and my father agrees. We both sit down on the edge of the porch and watch... completely content. Everything has a strange but familiar calm to it... I imagine this is the type of calm that would descend upon the world just before the end. I am absolutely relaxed as I observe the sky, occasionally glancing to my son enjoying his bicycle, and enjoy the long moment with my father.


I am with my wife and son in a Chuck E. Cheese type building. I am becoming more and more agitated by the minute. I am very worried about the amount of sleep I got the night before (if you could call it that) affecting my work day, and every minute that slips by in this place is another minute I won't be able to catch a nap before work time.

Finally, my wife rounds the corner with a bag containing three giant sesame seed burgers and I recount my agony to her in hopes that we can leave sooner. My son rounds the corner from playing some video games and I ask him if he is ready to go.


BTW, I had this dream the other night where I was being chased by a bunch of bloated, disease ridden cattle. Their skin was cracked and bleeding, and they looked like walking corpses. I tried to jump on top of a truck to avoid them, but they overturned the vehicle in their rampage.

They never actually hurt me, but every time they would catch up to me they would charge in just close enough so that my hand would touch their festering, sickly swollen skin before I could escape again... *shudder*

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Meatballs & High Tech Boots

Note: All NDs.

I was cooking meatballs with my wife. She takes a bite of one, and her face twists as she chews through the gristle. Apparently they are not good meatballs.

Even so, we plan to go to lookout point and enjoy them with the family (I don't know where lookout point is, I must have made it up).


I am lightheartedly chasing my wife through crowds of people in a college campus, a mall, and eventually even down a sidewalk.

Every time she outdistances me she hides, and I have to search for her as I reach the point that I last saw her. Each time she pops up somewhere nearby.

My wife runs up a hillside staircase that tees with a sidewalk and vanishes. As I reach the top of the stairs I look both directions and can't see her.

There is a young man standing there and I notice he is trying to lace his boots. He says that he is in the Navy and is trying to lace them properly. I pick one up and run the laces through. He tells me I did it wrong and pulls the laces back out.

I notice another man with the coolest boots I have ever seen. They are up to his knees, and bright white. I remember all kinds of gizmos attached as well.

He notices my interest and takes one off; offering to let me try it on. I take my shoes off and slip into the boots. I say "Dang, these are a little heavy."

The man points to the sidewalk across the street, and I see my wife who has re-appeared and is waving at me. My attention is drawn back to the boots...

I notice that the boots actually have speakers and a subwoofer attached. I see an LCD display that extends from the calf section as well. I exclaim how freakin' cool that is, and wonder what he displays on there. The man points to an entire computer system off to the side, and I imagine that he uses it to make flash presentations and such to show on his boots.


I am in a building now and have taken off the uber-cool boots. I look around for my own shoes and find the pair. As I put them on I notice that only one of the pair is actually my own, and assume that someone must have grabbed one of mine and taken it upstairs with them.

The building is dormitory style, and I knock on the door of the first room. There is a man on the bed and I ask him if (insert name here) is around. He says no, but looks suspicious so I tell him what is up and press him a little harder.

He gives in and a couple of guys come out of hiding (one of which is the guy I am looking for). I explain the situation, but he says that he didn't take my shoe.

I give up and go back downstairs. I look at my shoe again, and notice the other one has re-appeared. As soon as I attempt to put them on, I realize that I have no socks.

I see a dresser with an overflowing drawer marked "Community Socks", and take a pair for myself. They look slightly used, but for some reason I would rather wear used socks than put on my shoes without any.

I finally slip my shoes on and leave. I wonder if my wife will be mad at me for being gone so long.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Snoring Contest & Losing Friends

Plenty of dreams tonight, but I only remember two, as they were close to awakening.

I am listening to sound bites that people have sent in (to where, I don't know). I am judging some sort of contest for the best snore.

I decide on a winner. It is a disgusting, wet sounding snore... Loud and persistent, and had I not been judging the contest would be the type to really tick me off.


I awaken to find that the obnoxious snoring is coming from my wife. It is the most nerve grinding sound I have ever heard. I get up to use the bathroom after about three hours of sleep, and think this might be a good time to attempt a WILD.

I lay back down and decide to try using a spiraling technique I read about recently on LD4all.

The snoring is so bad that I have to shake the bed to try and make her shift. No luck. I am so annoyed by the snoring that I forget to WILD and eventually fall asleep stressed out.

(dreaming now) I am a little depressed that two of my good friends are moving away.

There is a knock at the door and I answer it. It is Leah, one of the friends I had mentioned. I realize that she is here to exchange small coins with me (apparently this is one of those things that you do on a regular basis, such as drinking coffee with a friend).

We both stretch out on the couch and I begin counting out dollars worth of coins to trade bills for.

I decide to breach the subject, and say "I wish you and Matt would not move away" (or something like that). She looks at me puzzled. I add "I mean there is no good reason to anyway." out of desperation. "Seriously. All Matt is moving for is to get a tan." This made sense at the time.

We continue to talk about how I felt on the subject. Eventually I end up giving in. I feel very saddened that I am probably losing two of my best friends.

After we are through counting coins, Leah makes her way to the door. I know this may be the last time I see her. The dream ends in a long depressing hug.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Snakes & a Counter-productive Subconscious

Note: Brief lucidity

Ok, so I had a mess of dreams last night, but I couldn't be bothered to remember most of them since I was woken early by my wife and son not feeling well. I'll just recount the very short moment of lucidity for you.

I was on a path on the outskirts of a large field with a few other people. It must be fall because the tall grass is mostly yellow. The sky is very dark as it quickly moves towards on towards nightfall.

I'm not sure why, but suddenly the grass is filled with aggressive snakes. We can't see them until they pop up to attack, but I know that they are all around.

It is too dark to see now, and we begin moving quickly. The only chance I have to see the snakes before they attack is to catch their silhouette against the dimly lit sky when they stand up. I move on quickly, trying my best to kick the snakes in the head as soon as they pop up like some sort of twisted bop a mole game.

I run off of the trail, and find myself running through the front yard of my childhood home. The snakes are all around, and I can see them now in the freshly mowed lawn. The porch light is on, illuminating the entire yard. I begin to move quickly towards the house.

At this point, for no apparent reason (I have had much stranger dreams that did not trigger lucidity), I begin to realize that I am dreaming. Something strange happened, though; I began to rationalize with myself. I told myself that my sleep was too shallow, and that if I were to gain full lucidity I would surely just wake up. For a moment, I almost decided to let the dream continue normally. Luckily I couldn't let myself waste the opportunity, and made up my mind to take control.

I look at my hands. It is more of a reflex than a necessity, as I knew I was dreaming anyhow. That familiar rush blows in as the detail of my surroundings flood towards me. Its sort of like standing in a wind tunnel for a second, but shapes and colors are blowing at me instead of wind.

I only get a second to take it all in before I am pulled back into my sleeping body. As I am transitioning, I think "I knew that was going to happen". I struggle briefly to keep from joining back up, but it is no use and my bodies are realigned.


At this point I open my eyes shortly to perform an RC in case I am having a false awakening. No such luck. I can hear my wife and son in the living room. I close my eyes and attempt to chain, but I cannot fall back asleep.

All in all, I am just happy to know I can still do it. Even five seconds of lucidity is refreshing.

I realize that this is probably not the first time that my subconscious has tried to talk me out of becoming lucid. Unfortunately, I tend to rationalize a lot in WL, so it's no wonder I take the same approach to situations in my sleep. My SC was right of course, I did wake up, but why should I give up even a few seconds of lucidity in exchange for a longer ND?