Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good News - - Not For Me Though...

Well, I am still in an extremely dry spot on the lucid dreaming front; however, I have more incentive now to give it thought throughout the day.

Just yesterday I had a short discussion on LDing with a couple of friends at work. Wouldn't you know it, that night they both had their first lucid experiences.

Jimmy told me about his experience with the WBTB/WILD technique and a dream filled with cartoon foxes and a strange cartoon man. He also reported a false awakening shortly after.

Tom told me of a brief WBTB induced OBE in which he was able to lift his arms out of his body before he was awoken by barking dogs.

Needless to say, I think they are now both in the grip of LD fever...

Congrats guys!