Herein, I will attempt to archive my experiences with my dreamscape. You will find this journal filled with both normal dreams and, God willing, lucid dreams as well. I am not yet well versed in attaining lucidity, but that is not to say that I have not experienced it. Lucid dreaming is very real. I, too, thought it was a crackpot idea when I first heard the notion of attaining consciousness within a dream. I am very thankful that it piqued my interest enough to give it a shot. If nothing else, I hope that this blog can act as a source of inspiration (or at least entertainment) to it's visitors.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bio-lum and Bowie - What a Mix

Note: Normal dream.

I find myself hiking a trail that runs along a small river. The river connects three nearby towns.

Soon enough the sky begins to darken as day turns into night. In an effort to return home quickly, I decide to take a shortcut through the forest off the trail.
I am a good ways into the forest and climbing a slight incline when I begin to notice the glow of bio-luminescent plants and animals scattered all about. Normally I might find this a little creepy, but it is comforting in my dream.

While walking on, I am particularly drawn to a lizard that is perched along the branch of a small tree (the lizard is shaped like a salamander, I guess). The little guy strikes me as very beautiful. It is too dark to make out the main color of its skin, but it's spots are glowing a soft, warm shade of orange. I watch it intently for a long time.


I am walking down the trail again, in the same direction as last time. I assume it is the following day, and I am accompanied by two acquaintances from work. I am excited, and plan to show them the glowing critters after dark.

The sun begins to set, and the sky is a deep orange. The two begin to feel nervous, and refuse to enter the forest. I feel frustration and disappointment.


I am near the third town (the furthest up-river). I remember that the section of forest with the bio-luminescent wildlife is near the next town downstream. I also remember that the town is named Macadamia, or Macadonia, or something to that effect.

I recognize the setting as my Grandfather's house (he is deceased, and my Uncle owns the house now). As I walk towards the river that winds through, just a ways below his vaulted redwood deck, I notice a group of people that I do not recognize drinking beer. It looks as though they may have had a campfire the night before.

While walking, I pass by David Bowie and greet him as though we are friends with "Hey, Dave." He replies "Hi.", and follows me to the edge of the river. I ask him something about the next town downstream, and he answers with a something about it only being 59 degrees last night (59 apparently being cold). I pay no mind to the fact that this in no way answered my question.

I notice a fish swimming through the water. It is about two feet long (my Grandfather actually had a large pond below his house that was stocked with all sorts of fish. I think this one was a reflection of the White Amora that grew to be over three feet long). My focus shifts from the fish, and David and I continue talking.

Out of nowhere, the fish leaps from the water and snatches the cigarette right out of David's hand. Dave exclaims "F*** man! That damn fish just ate my cherry."

I briefly wonder whether the cigarette could remain lit underwater, but decide against it. David chimes in that it would not (even though I had only thought the question to myself).


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